Four Ways To Work Around Messy Tenants When Selling

022If you’ve ever tried to sell an apartment with a tenant in it, you already know what a challenge it can be.  Tenants typically don’t take care of the place like the owner would, and it can feel like you’re at their mercy.  Whether it’s the pile of dirty laundry, or the worn out couch, a messy tenant doesn’t have to sink your sale.

Here are four ways you can handle messy tenants and still get your client a sale.

1.  Ask the seller to consider giving the tenant an incentive for keeping the place tidy. If your seller has a good relationship with the tenant and has given them notice that they will be selling, way in advance, some times it may be as simple as just asking them to be neater. Other tenants, simply don’t care, and will need an incentive. An incentive could be monetary, i.e. an extra $500 when they move out, or something more intangible, like a glowing reference for their next apartment (a good lease will require tenants to keep a place orderly).
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3 Ways To Make A Space More Inviting When Selling

Many people walk into a house and can immediately tell if they like it or they don’t.  If they don’t like it, nine times out of ten it’s because the house doesn’t “feel” right to them. 

I’m often asked to make small updates and stage an apartment to make the buyer fall in love on sight, which is all about feelings.  The more inviting a space is, the more likely you are to get the offer you are looking for from a buyer.

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When To Fix A Bad Design

Recently, I’ve received a couple of calls from developers and brokers who were not happy with the design of some of the apartments they had on the market.  When I say not happy, I mean that they were not getting any interested buyers or offers.   Continue reading

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How To Delegate And Make More Money

I see it all the time.  It’s the real estate agent who is trying to be ALL things to their sellers.  If this is you, then I hope you’ll rethink how you’ve been running your business after reading this article.  If this is not you, then chances are you are already doing well for yourself.

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